Sunday Service

Sunday at 3 : 00 PM

Prayer Service

Sunday at 2 : 40 PM
- Pray for the Reformed Evangelical movement in Europe.
Prayer & Fellowship

Prayer Communion

Friday at 7 : 00 PM
- Held in the residences of the congregation.
- Short devotion and fellowship.
- Pray for the Reformed Evangelical movement.

Bible Study / Seminar

Saturday at 4 : 00 PM
- Bible Study: studying and discussing the Bible in small groups.
- Seminar: replaces 'Bible Study' visited by Servants of God.


Cathechism is not only for those who wish to be baptized (so as to understand and be responsible with where one puts their faith in), but also for those who have the longing to learn the Word of God.

Pre-marital Counseling

The counseling class is for those who have concrete plans for marriage. This class is aimed to equip couples in order to face their married lives in the future. This class is open for the public.

Street Evangelism

Evangelization on the streets
- Distributing gospel tracts and testifying faith to people.

Prison Evangelism

The visit to a church located within a prison
- Evangelize personally to the inmates.
- Choir service.

Christmas Carol

Christmas service in the advents
- Visit senior houses and christmas markets.
- Sing christmas carols and spread the gospel.

To face the coming generation and its various crises, the people who are able to stand firm are those whose roots are planted in the Word of God.

Rev. Dr. Stephen TongFounder of Reformed Evangelical Movement International